Mystery at the Brook

Looking for something to do while staying at home? Board games have been a great family tradition over the years, and we’re introducing our own version of a classic: Mystery at the Brook. Mystery at the Brook is a variation of Clue, made to look like a replica of our historic Drexelbrook Mansion and Grand Ballroom. Solve the wedding mystery by finding out who was behind it. Was is Ms. White, the bride herself? Or maybe Chef Peacock was behind the whole thing.

Everything you need for Mystery at the Brook is printable. Print out the board and cards below with our easy instructions. The board will print in four pages that can be taped together. The Mystery at the Brook rulebook is also listed below.

Make your way through our historic facility while playing a timeless game. We miss everyone here at Drexelbrook, and wanted to make something that everyone can enjoy while staying at home. Send us your pictures of your printed boards to get featured on our social media!

Dice for game not included. Use a dice app on your phone or spare dice you may have around the house to play.

To print board, save image and print as six separate pages. Cut each page and tape together for full size.

Click photo above for link to all cards. Print double-sided to make game cards. After printing, cut along edges to create cards.